Billy has a new album out

December 10, 2014

Howdy gang,

I wanted to share a recent review that Billy got on a new set of tunes that he’s putting out.

Seven Days has been a Pariah Beat fan for a while.  Turn out they like Billy too, a lot.

You can read the whole thing here:

Soundbites: Billy Sharff’s Excellent New Album

They couldn’t resist asking Billy when Pariah Beat would put out a new album. Spoiler alert, it will be out in April.

Other big news to follow! Keep the faith.


The Side of Town

October 22, 2014

Well, Billy is all in on his new album.  Check him out at the American Daily blog:

When the Lines go Backwards- Billy Sharff.

I was Lost – Billy Sharff.

The rave reviews are starting to roll in as well.  Pop Matters is a fan, “Billy Sharff’s self-released debut album This Side of Townintroduces a singer-songwriter in the vein of John Prine or the late fellow-New Hampshire artist Bill Morrissey… Sharff’s debut is worth checking out, and he’s definitely one to keep an eye on moving forward.”

Read the whole Pop Matters review here.


Check out Billy Sharff’s new tunes! Free, for a dollar…

October 6, 2014

Billy spent some time at  a recording studio in Scotland and cranked out a full length of solo tunes.  I’ve always loved his songs, obviously, and these are some of the best yet.

The album is called This Side of Town, and you can download the whole thing here.

So please, by all means, swing by Billy’s bandcamp and  check out it out.  Do it now, no excuses.

Billy’s bandcamp,

More good news to come,


Back in the game!

April 25, 2012

So, clearly I haven’t updated this in a while. The spammers haven’t noticed.  One recent fan had this to say, “An fascinating discussion is worth comment. I think that it’s best to write extra on this subject…” With rave reviews like that, how could we stay retired. Don’t call it a comeback, but we have recently got the band back up and running. Apart from a little more rust and a few extra pounds, we are playing as good as we ever have. We just finished a brand new 13 track album, recorded with a seven piece band. All the tracks are recorded live, over the course of a manic 24 hour session. You can hear some of our new tunes at on our facebook page. Like us while you listen!

The current exciting cast of characters is:
Billy Sharff – Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar.
Nick Charyk – Vocals, Guitar.
Jason Pappas – Bass. Jared Croteau – Drums.
Nick Heys – keys, accordion, mandoling, singing.
Jesse Barron – Keys.
Asa Brosius – pedal steel.

We will be posting more shows over the next few weeks, so keep on checking.  Also, the album is for sale.  You can buy it off our website.  Feel free to buy it if you are curious.  We would certainly appreciate it.

With love,

Nick and the gang

Show with Megan Jean on Friday, Apr 22

April 14, 2011

Howdy faithful followers… It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Em has been away, and Billy and I have done a few shows with a rotating cast of characters.  I’m not sure about the long term sustainability of such a set up, but I do have one exciting show that I think you should all do your darnedest to make it to.

We are playing with our good friends Megan Jean and Byrn Klay on Friday, Apr 22 at the Main St Museum from 8 till late.  Not to be missed – these are some of our best friends and favorite musicians.

See you there!