For those not fluent in Dutch…

February 9, 2011

Courtesy of our researches at google translation, here are the two reviews from the Netherlands:

“The Utrecht postwar composer Louie Andriessen used to have a very good position: music is more important than us! I do it in this review is not about “the great …round of cleanup downloads or singer-songwriters with four guitar chords in the world wear. Central to the American company Pariah Beat with fixed values Claryk Nick (vocals, guitar), Billy Sharff (vocals, violin, guitar) and Emily East Ridge (vocals and bass). Since its founding in 2005 Pariah Beat, the band from Vermont ep 1 (“Original Sin”) and two CDs (“Pariah Beat Radio” and “Bury Me Not”) issued. The trio since 2006 more than 300 sparkling and enthusiastic performances played during the shows regularly assisted by Nick Heys Yahoo drummer and guitarist John Garrett. CD Lucinda Williams’s Car Wheels, Guitars and Cadillac by Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle Guitar Town recently made a deep impression on the trio.


Recent Reviews

February 9, 2011

We’ve gotten a handful of really generous reviews of our new album, and I figured I’d share them with you.

Seven Days in Burlington VT said, “Regardless of our chosen discipline, we are all products of our influences. What matters is how we wield those influences as a reflection of ourselves. With Bury Me Not, Pariah Beat have expertly done just that.”

You can read the rest here (more…)

Hometown Rock n Roll

January 27, 2011

There was a really nice piece on us in our hometown rag, the Valley News, today.  It mentioned the two shows we are doing this week to release our CD in style.

We will be at Charlie Os in Montpelier tomorrow night, and at the Main St Museum on Saturday.  These really are two shows not to be missed.

I will be playing hurt due to a mechanical bull riding groan pull last week sustained in Texas.  I won’t get into the details, but I don’t mind mentioning that yours truly is better than an 8 second ride…

Love to all of you, see you this weekend!

CD Release Details

December 26, 2010

Hope you all had a Merry X-Mas.  Billy and I spent last night playing wii and drinking whiskey.  Billy beat the tight rope balance game while playing Johnny Cash on the guitar and singing Folsom Prison.  We played some charades too. although not with just the two of us, that would be a bit sad. (more…)

Holiday Greetings – All I want for X-Mas is my New Pariah Beat!

December 14, 2010

My holiday best to all of you… One gift suggestion for those of you who have not completed all their holiday shopping, perhaps the new Pariah Beat album Bury Me Not?  You will notice a link on our new website to preorder the album.  It won’t ship until January 1st, but those who preorder will get a special handwritten thank you note from Billy Sharff with a cassette of him singing John Lennon’s “Happy X-Mas (The War is Over).” (more…)